HotShot Dish Heater

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Keep Snow and Ice from Affecting Your Satellite Signal

We know that your satellite communications are vital to your everyday way of life.  Don't let frigid temperatures and bad weather keep you on ice. Imagine being home on a frozen February day, school age kids home from school because of heavy snow conditions. Everyone is huddled in the living room while a fire blazes in the fireplace.  Suddenly the Television goes blank, the website or social media site just spins instead of loading.  What could ever be wrong?  You bundle up, trudge outside, look up to the roof and see your satellite dish covered in a foot of wet snow.  Do you:

  • A – Risk life and limb by getting a ladder and clearing off the dish
  • B – Get a broom or rock and try to bang the snow off, knowing it probably wont work and know that you will just damage the dish at worst or at best just knock it out of alignment, resulting in an expensive technician service call
  • C – Decide to wait out the snow storm and figure its ok, the kids can’t drive you that crazy in 4 days cooped up inside.
  • D – Regret not buying a dish heater from that nice technician when he installed your service
  • E – Wake up and realize everything is ok, it was just a bad dream. Because you DID buy the dish heater from that nice technician when he installed your system. Get a hot cup of cocoa for you and the kids and watch a movie and hop online to see when the storm will clear.


Safe low-voltage 24 VAC heater
Does not require hiring a licensed electrician for installation
Automatic thermostat turns 'on' just above freezing temperatures and 'off' when the dish surface warms up
Long lasting durable vinyl material
Etched foil resistance heating element
Multiple heat zones apply the maximum heat where it's needed most
M Acrylic adhesive assures a tight bond to the antenna
Conforms to the reflector curves and angles
One hundred feet of electrical cable provided
Heavy-duty wire-wound power transformer provided

Items contained in kit:
Perfect Vision Heating Element, HS18 full size - Vinyl
Switching power supply, 100' 16AWG wire, wire connectors